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Cynthia K. Gossett (Founding Partner)

Co-founder of Axis Global Technologies, LLC in 2001, Cynthia Gossett leverages almost 20 years of technical and operational experience in managing and implementing complex voice systems and data-intensive applications.  As a consultant, she has implemented systems for 7-Eleven Corporation, JCPenney, Eckerd Stores, and Blockbuster Entertainment Group, among others.  Prior to forming Axis Global Technologies, Cynthia served as a Principal Consultant with a noted Dallas-based management services and systems engineering firm and held management positions, including Regional Operations Manager, with Tandy Corporation’s Computer City.



K. Layne Gossett (Founding Partner) CV

Co-founder of Axis Global Technologies, LLC and the firm’s Systems Architect, Layne Gossett brings over 15 years of engineering and management experience.  A proven designer and innovator, he has successfully developed and executed both strategic and tactical initiatives in roles as diverse as Enterprise Network Architect, Development and Test Engineer, and Infrastructure Specialist.  Layne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunications Engineering Technology from Texas A&M University and an Associate of Applied Science degree in Laser/Electro-Optic Technology.





Axis Global Technologies’ professionals have significant experience in deploying technology solutions to address specific business-driven issues, whether strategic or tactical in nature.


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